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Postcards from Parker
Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aloha from Scottsdale!

I'm at home this week after three consecutive tournaments. It's been a few weeks since I've updated you, so I'll take you back a couple weeks to the Frys.com Open, which took place here in Scottsdale.

It's always great getting to play an event in your own backyard. The obvious things like sleeping in your own bed are always great, but I also appreciate some of the smaller things, like having a full closet of clothes to choose from.

We had a full house the entire week with my dad and Kristy's dad coming in town, as well as my caddy and coach staying at the house. We had a big group over for pizza, beer and wine on Tuesday and had a great week entertaining people at the new house.

Although the tournament was in Scottsdale, I hadn't played Grayhawk Golf Club (host of the tournament) that much. Despite my lack of familiarity with the course, I had another solid week making the cut and building up confidence with my swing under tournament pressure, particularly on the weekend. The swing is really coming around and I'm now able to devote less practice time on the mechanics of the swing and focus more on hitting different types of shots (as well as putting more time into my short game).

This past week, I was just outside of Madison, Miss., for the Viking Classic. As you may have seen, the tournament was canceled on Saturday morning after more than two inches of rain fell the previous few days. In fact, the area had received more than 24 inches the past month. Despite all the rain, the golf course was in great shape when I played in the pro-am on Wednesday afternoon.

But significant rain on Wednesday night caused the postponement until Friday and more rain on Friday afternoon forced them to cancel the tournament altogether. It was frustrating having to play the waiting game, but luckily the practice facilities were open and I spent a majority of the time challenging Ryuji Imada, Charley Hoffman, Ricky Barnes and Eric Axley to a putting competition.

I feel bad for all the fans, volunteers, charities, workers and sponsors who put significant time into preparing for the great event. Viking, the title sponsor, had put together a fantastic tournament and it's unfortunate that something that's out of everyone's control forced the cancellation of the event.

I have this week off as I prepare for the final event on the 2009 schedule, the Children's Miracle Network Classic in Disney World. I've got a member-member up at my home course, Whisper Rock, this weekend and will continue to work on my game so I can finish off the season on a high note. I'll check back in with you after next week. Thanks again for all the support.



Postcards from Parker
Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aloha from Scottsdale!

I'm back home this week, but luckily it's because this week's event, the Frys.com Open, is taking place just down the road from our house at Grayhawk Golf Club. It's always great to play an event in your backyard, sleep in your own bed and play a course that you're familiar with.

Last week I was in Las Vegas for the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. It's one of my favorite stops on Tour because of the golf course and everything that takes place off of it. The course suits my game and I was able to play well again this past week. I continue to make great strides with my swing and it felt great to test it under the pressure of competition, particularly on the weekend.

As I said, I love the Vegas tournament just as much for what happens off the golf course. I, like almost everyone from Hawai'i, enjoy visiting Las Vegas when I can and this time was no different. Luckily, I had a chance to chat with the tournament host, Justin Timberlake, out on the range on Wednesday. He was a great guy and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to talk to him about his golf game as well as his full- time job. On Saturday night, he hosted a concert with some friends, including Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg and more. It was an incredible show!

I also need to thank a few of the local fans who flew up to Vegas for the weekend and came out to support me on Saturday. It's always an amazing feeling to have people from home come out and watch and cheer me on, no matter where I'm at!

Hopefully I can have a great week here in Scottsdale. These last few events of the year, I'm focused on continuing to test my swing under the pressure of competition and to build confidence so that I'll be fully prepared when the Sony Open comes around next January.

Thanks again for all your support! I'll catch up with you again next week!



Postcards from Parker
Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aloha from Scottsdale where I'm home following last week's Wyndham Championship. I'm here for the playoffs, which is strange to say. I feel kind of like a disappointed football team that has to watch the "playoffs" on TV like everyone else.

I am disappointed about not advancing to this year's version of the FedEx Cup playoffs, but I am not discouraged. Over the past month or so I've given myself opportunities to put some good scores together. I missed the cut by one shot last week without really taking advantage of the chances I gave myself.

I've spent many weeks this season scrambling, making par putts and still missing cuts by a few. It was frustrating, but encouraging to have the opportunities but just not make many putts in Greensboro.

I'm excited to be home for a good bit of time and just go back to work on my game. I want to take some of the momentum I'm feeling and make sure it carries over to the fall. I'm really eager to get back out on the course for the fall and I'll use that to drive my practice sessions while I'm home.

Speaking of home, Kristy and I are moving into a new house during the next few weeks. We purchased a home in Scottsdale last fall and finished up the renovations in the past few weeks. We are very excited and will be spending the coming days packing boxes and staying busy during the playoffs.

Thanks to my loyal fans for being so supportive and I'm excited to kick some butt this fall!




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aloha from Scottsdale!

I'm back at home after an exciting week at the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open. Last week was the first time I had ever been the defending champion of an event and it was great experience to say the least. The local fans were awesome and were very vocal and supportive, offering up cheers throughout the week. The reaction from the players was great as well. Some joked for me to take it easy on them, while others came asking for advice and counsel on how I played the course so well last year. And having my parents there for the week always makes an event that much better!

As for the golf, I definitely had those great feelings come back which gave me a wealth of confidence heading into the week. The first day provided brutal conditions, cold temperatures, rain and a lot of wind. My ball striking wasn't where it has been the last couple of weeks, but my short game made up for it in a big way. I chipped in twice, holed out a bunker shot and finished with 22 putts. I put in some quality time at the range and talked with my coach after the first round and figured some things out. The rest of the week I hit the ball extremely well. Unfortunately, the putts didn't quite fall like they did the first round, but I still played solid and continued to build up the confidence in my golf swing.

This swing change has been a lengthy, and often grueling, process. But the last month I've seen significant improvement and progression and really am taking ownership of my golf swing. The first half of the season I was in a cognitive learning period. Now I feel like I'm in a performance period where I can go out and focus solely on playing golf, not worrying about swing thoughts and changes.

I'm relaxing this week at home before heading to Greensboro for the Wyndham Championship. It's the final event before the FedEx Cup Playoffs and, with a good finish, I could qualify for the Playoffs. Making the Playoffs is obviously a goal of mine, but my main goal the remainder of the year is to find the winner's circle and get back to Maui. With next week's event, and the Fall Finish events, I feel like I have a number of tournaments (in places where I've had some past success), to get in contention and find the winer's circle again.

Thanks again for all your support. I'll be back in a couple weeks with a report from Greensboro!




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aloha PMac followers!

I'm writing to you from home in Scottsdale after a LONG week at the Canadian Open. Some of you may have noticed that we had to finish up the event on Monday due to some of the worst weather I've ever endured during a four day golf tournament. It was my 2009 version of the Waiting Game. I didn't start my first round until 8:20pm, the latest I've ever teed off in a golf tournament in my life, and we played one hole then came back the next day and played 32! It was annoying for us as players but I felt even worse for the devoted Canadian fans that stayed thru every delay and shower, they are true golf fanatics!

Thankfully that long day was some of my best scoring of the year. I posted 6 under in the first round with some solid play and some nice made putts. I played well the rest of that day but didn't score the way I did in the first 18. As the waiting continued every day I found myself maybe not as sharp mentally for the last round on Monday. I got off to a slow start and things unraveled from there. I was pretty fired up to play two full weeks in a row, to sharpen my scoring senses with two straight made cuts and some decent results.

Fast forward to my preparation this week at home to defend my first PGA Tour victory from last year at the Reno Tahoe Open. In some ways it feels like forever that I made that putt on 18 to capture a dream I've had since I was a young boy. In other ways I can close my eyes and see that putt drop like it really was last week. I'm really excited to feed off some of the positive feelings from last year and more importantly build on that and the solid skills I've been developing in the last year. I have to say my raw skills feel more defined a year later and golf is a game of patience and it's a process; but one I think I'm closing in on. Thanks to everyone for all of the well wishes as I defend next week and hopefully I find some more magic in Reno!

Till next time,



Postcards from Parker
Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aloha from Ontario, Canada!

We are north of the border this week for the RBC Canadian Open. Before talking a little bit more about this week, I want to take some time to elaborate on last week's tournament in Milwaukee. It was great week at the US Bank Championship for a number of reasons, most notably because it was my first made cut in a while. I had been feeling good about my golf swing in previous weeks, but really felt like it all came together over the course of the tournament this past week. It was fun to play well and be able to see the ball go where I was anticipating it to go. It was fun playing the weekend, getting four competitive rounds in during the week, and fun to have meaningful putts on Sunday. I posted a solid number on Sunday, allowing me to move up the leaderboard. I feel like I'm finally taking ownership of my golf swing and the results from last week surely give me confidence moving forward into this week. In addition to some solid play, it was great fun playing with Jerry Kelly last week. Jerry, who is from Wisconsin and a former Badger, was clearly the crowd favorite out there last week. He was exempt for the British Open, but decided to bypass the tournament to stay and play in Milwaukee!

As for this week, we're in Canada for the 100th edition of the RBC Canadian Open. It's a very prestigious tournament, especially in Canada, and has an extremely impressive list of past champions including Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead and more. This is my second time playing the event having played last year and I really enjoy the course. In addition, I have to say it's nice playing north of the border where the high temperatures are in the mid 70's, compared to the 100+ degree heat in Arizona.

I'm excited about this week with the confidence I've carried over from last week. I feel like I can get in a rhythm early and start thinking about contending on Thursday, instead of just thinking about playing the weekend. This event is also where I started having some great feelings last year leading up to my win at the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open. Hopefully those good feelings can come back again and really springboard me into the final third of the season. I'm really looking forward to heading back to Reno in a couple of weeks to defend, but excited about the opportunities I have right now!

Thanks again for all your support. I'll check in with you again next week!




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, July 9, 2009

Aloha from Scottsdale!

I'm back home for a couple days after spending last week in our nation's capital for the AT&T National. Although I wasn't able to see President Obama and get a tour of the White House like I was hoping to, the event was a special one for me for a number of reasons. First off, I was grateful to have my parents in town for the week. It was special having them there and it's always great when they are able to come out and see me play. On top of my parents being there, Tiger Woods is the host of this tournament. Obviously, when Tiger is playing in an event, the hype and attention is much higher than other tour events. But having his name associated with the tournament brought the buzz around the event to an entirely different level.

Finally, I really enjoyed this week because of the golf course. Congressional Country Club was the host of this year's tournament and it has an extremely rich history. The club was founded over 80 years ago and its 30 founding members include Presidents, dignitaries and other prominent national figures. On top of that, the course is hosting the US Open in 2011 and it was exciting to see the course before it undergoes some changes in preparations for the tournament. It will be interesting to see how it evolves (adding length, tightening fairways, lengthening the rough, etc.) over the next couple of years, but even right now it's one of the greatest tests of golf that I've ever played.

As for my performance on the course, it was undoubtedly one of the best ball striking tournaments I've had all year. I'm finally feeling like the swing changes I'm making are becoming more natural and not so mechanically thought out. This was also the first week since I injured my wrist at the Players Championship, where I have been pain free, which was a huge boost. A huge Mahalo to Dr. Wendy Howard for sending me the wrist widget which was instrumental in the healing process. Although I missed the cut by one, I left very encouraged with my ball striking (especially on a tough US Open type golf course) and take away a tone of positive thoughts from the week.

Also last week, I participated in an event with one of my sponsors, PNC Bank. I spent a good bit of the day on Wednesday sharing some tips with their clients and taking part in an outing. It's always fun to do a function with your sponsors and share some of your experiences on Tour. Thanks to all of the folks at PNC and the guests who attended the event!

Lastly, I want to congratulate my alma mater, Punahoa High School, for being named the top high school athletic program in the country by Sports Illustrated for the second year in a row. This honor definitely solidifies Punahoa as the premier athletic program in the country. I think it's also a testament to the quality of high school athletics in Hawaii in general.

I'm off to Milwaukee next week for the US Bank Championship and will look forward to catching up with you again then!




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aloha from Scottsdale!

Last week I was in Memphis, TN for the St. Jude Classic presented by FedEx. The tournament had a good field this year highlighted by Phil Mickelson's return to the PGA Tour, having taken off a number of weeks to be with his wife Amy, who is battling breast cancer. It was great having Phil back on Tour and I know he was overwhelmed with the support from fans, players, PGA Tour officials, etc. The golf course itself was in tremendous shape as always. Due to the extremely warm weather in the summer in Memphis, the greens at TPC Southwind are Bermuda; however, the fairways are a zoysia type of grass which I really enjoy playing on because the ball sits up so well. Although I struggled again with my ball striking, I continue to see signs of improvement and left with some very positive feelings. Not to mention a full stomach after eating BBQ all week!

This week I've returned to Scottsdale to spend some time at home. I'm really excited about a week off and getting to spend some quality time at the house with Kristy. I'm also excited to relax and watch some of the US Open. Obviously, I'd prefer to be in New York participating in the event, but the US Open, along with the other majors, is one of the few golf tournaments I'll actually watch on TV from Thursday to Sunday. Besides watching a number of my friends play in the tournament, I especially like watching the US Open because of all the great success stories. As you many know, the US Open is open to any golfer with a handicap of 1 or less, whether you're a professional or an amateur. It truly is the tournament for any man and every man.

Of course, I would be hard pressed not to pick Tiger, especially with his incredible performance at the Memorial a couple weeks ago. But there are also a couple of dark horses that I like. One of the guys you may want to keep an eye on is fellow UCLA grad John Merrick. John is an extremely long (and high) hitter which is important this week considering the golf course plays over 7,400 yards. He's also shown up in a couple of majors recently, including last year's US Open and this year's Masters (he finished t6 in both tournaments). I look for him to have a great week.

Looking ahead, I'm very excited about the second half of the season. I'm excited about the work I've put in and feel like I'm starting to understand my swing better. I'm eager to see where it takes me over the second half of the year. Obviously, I have a few tournaments that I'm particularly looking forward to, including a trip to Washington DC in a couple of weeks for the AT&T National. Not only is it Tiger's event, but I'm hoping to squeeze in a little visit to my friend at the White House. And of course, I'm very excited to head back to the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open to defend my title from last year.

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy this week off and relax and reenergize myself for the next stretch of events. I'm back in action next week at the Travelers Championship in Cromwell, CT.




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aloha from Memphis, TN and the St. Jude Classic!

Last week I was in Columbus, Ohio for the Memorial Tournament. This was my second year playing in the event hosted by Jack Nicklaus and this experience reaffirmed my beliefs that this is one of the premier events we play all year out on Tour. The golf course was set up perfectly, with the best conditions I've ever seen. The greens were running faster than any I've ever played on and the atmosphere throughout the week was incredible. Although I missed the cut, I found some good things on the golf course and was pretty pleased with the way my game was rounding in to form.

I, along with a good bit of the field from the Memorial, stayed around on Monday for the 36 hole U.S. Open qualifier. I played fairly decent, but couldn't get many things to go my way. Despite getting off to a somewhat rough start, I felt like the final 27 holes I really swung the club well, and sensed that some of the swing changes were beginning to feel more natural. That was very encouraging for me!

Now I'm in Memphis for the St. Jude Classic. This is my second time at this event having played it my rookie year on Tour. I seem to be very comfortable out on the golf course despite the excruciatingly hot and muggy conditions. With the difficult conditions, it's important to save energy for the entire week, but with next week off, I definitely want to pour out everything I've got. In some ways, I'm excited about taking off next week and rejuvenating my body and spending some time at home. But I also feel like I'm picking up some momentum with my swing changes and would like to keep that going. I'm just going to focus on the process and the positive changes I'm making this week and less on the results.

Before I go, I just want to congratulate all of the recipients of the Hawai'i High School Hall of Honor. I was honored to be a part of the program this year and excited to be able to help out the youth of Hawai'i by supporting those scholarships. I received a number of great e-mails from some of the recipients and truly believe that we selected the best, most deserving athletes in Hawai'i. I'm extremely excited to begin this journey as a supporter of the Hawai'i High School Hall of Honor.

Thanks, as always, for your support. I'll check back in with you in a couple weeks after the St. Jude Classic and a relaxing week back at home!




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello from Columbus, OH and "Jack's event" the Memorial Tournament. This is my second year playing in this event and as I mentioned last year it's one of the very special courses and events to be invited to.

Before I go into detail about my week in Ft. Worth I wanted to mention my new affiliation with Hawai'i High School Hall of Honor. For those of you who are not familiar with the program, it identifies 12 High School duel-sport athletes each year who have excelled in their respective sports and off the field as well. These individuals have been selected by a statewide committee of high school administrators, athletic directors, and the media. Each athlete will receive a $2,000 scholarship for their freshman year of college. Being a former duel sport athlete and honoree myself it was a perfect program to be able to partner with and continue the support of these athletes. I am so excited to begin this relationship and partner with a program I feel so strongly about. This year's awards ceremony will be this Sunday, June 7, 2009, at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Let's get back to the golf and my experiences last week at the Colonial. As some of you know I took a few weeks off (Texas Open & Byron Nelson) what some of you didn't know was that my wrist has been bothering me a bit. None of us out here are patient but you have to be with injuries, it's a long year and a long career I'm thinking about and I've got to be cautious with my body. I was able to rest it a bit at home and it had improved enough to give it a go last week. Given that I had to rest a good bit while at home I wasn't quit as sharp as I probably would have liked. It was an up and down week and hopefully some of you caught one of my up moments on ESPN's "SportsCenter" Friday night. Former Hawai'i sports caster and resident Neil Everett was announcing the Top 10 list and at #6 on the list was my chip in from the grandstand on #18. It was pretty cool for Neil to hook me up like that and for the "808" to get some love.

I made a run on Friday at the cut until a go for broke 9 at the last skewed my score. I'm excited to get things going here this week in Columbus. If you remember last year I spoke about the 6 inch rough and greens running at 14 on the stimpmeter. This year the course set up is more like what we normally see on Tour with 3-3.5 inch rough and fast but manageable green speeds. Players often rave about the accommodations at this event and its true, Jack Nicklaus really takes care of us. This place has the best milkshakes on Tour and they challenge us to order something they can't create; it's truly a first class event.

Thanks for all the support as always and I'll check back with you all next week after my US Open Qualifier and hopefully a nice week in Columbus.




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aloha from Orlando!

After a busy West Coast swing, I was in need of some time off. So I took three weeks off the Tour. I spent some time with Sean Foley, my swing coach, in Orlando; did some skiing in Sun Valley; and spent time relaxing in Arizona sleeping in my own bed and getting back into my normal routine.

Growing up in Hawai'i, I obviously didn't spend much time snow skiing. But I've been fortunate that my wife, who grew up in California, has taught me over the past five years to survive on the slopes. We try to go skiing at least once a year as a nice getaway from golf in the spring.

The trip was successful, meaning I came back with no broken bones or torn ligaments! I'm not really the guy who gets a rush from doing jumps or weaving through trees. For me, it's more about being out there in a different environment.

Last week in Tampa was my first event since taking the time off. Even though I missed the cut, it was a good stepping stone. It was great to implement some of the changes Sean and I have been working on. We can sit on the range and perfect it but doing it under tournament pressure is different. I hit some great shots under pressure, controlled the ball well and felt like I made some big steps forward.

It's not an easy thing to implement changes to your swing. It doesn't feel like a natural movement at first. But I feel like I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm much closer to getting it down than when the tournament started. It's that natural progression and improvement that gets me excited about the weeks coming up.

Now I'm in Orlando for the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. Kristy wasn't with me last week in Tampa, but I'm glad she's with me for this week's event. When she's not with me, I tend to eat a lot more takeout instead of healthier food.

The course here at Bay Hill is in excellent shape and this week's field is strong. With Tiger playing, it's sure to be exciting.

I'm looking forward to learning more about my new swing. This week will be challenging, but with great weather and a nice course, it should be a good one.




Postcards from Parker
Monday, March 23, 2009

Aloha from New Orleans.

Last week was the Verizon Heritage in Hilton Head, S.C. Harbour Town Golf Links was a great course, and the tournament was put together very well. Harbour Town really is was one of the classic courses that we get to play on Tour. It's probably one of the shortest, with really beautiful tree-lined fairways.

As for my play, I've still been struggling with my driver, but I've been hitting my irons really nicely. This week we're in New Orleans for the Zurich Classic, and I was able to get fitted by Titlelist for a new shaft in my driver. It seems like with the new swing I've been trying to implement, all of my misses with the driver are going right. So after talking with my swing coach and my caddie, both suggested that my driver might not be right for my new swing. The boys at Titleist got me fitted with a new shaft for my driver and I've taken it out on the course and it feels great.

My experience last week and the beginning of this week in finding a new driver leads me back to the importance of club fitting. Fortunately for me, Titleist has a great Tour trailer, so we've got club fitting at our fingertips. But even for the weekend warriors out there, getting fitted for clubs, and drivers especially, is extremely important.

Like I said, we're here in New Orleans this week. I absolutely love this tournament because there is always great food and a lively atmosphere. I'm really excited about my new equipment. Hopefully, that translates into me hitting more fairways and shooting some lower scores. It's a new start every week out here and I'm looking to make the most of that in the Big Easy.




Postcards from Parker
Monday, March 9, 2009

Aloha from Scottsdale.

One of the things that can be a challenge when you travel 30 weeks a year is the occasional time you get sick. You're not at home, and it's never fun to be sick in a hotel room.

Last week I had a stomach virus and wasn't able to eat for almost four days. Then I went out on Friday and had to play 34 holes since the weather was bad on Thursday (I played the final two holes Saturday morning because it got too dark the night before).

I had to get an IV on Thursday morning to try to replenish all of the fluids I had lost. I've never had an IV before, and it was one of those odd things to experience that you never really think about on a normal day.

We ended up playing on Friday and I did not have my top game mentally or physically. But I gave 100 percent of what I could give and came within a couple shots of making the cut. It was quite a trek for a body that had been in bed for four straight days to walk 34 holes on a golf course. Now I can tell you I definitely appreciate not feeling like there are living things running around in my stomach with swords.

Since I'm off this week, I'll be at home in Arizona eating some delicious home cooking. I lost about 10 pounds the first two days of my stomach virus, so I'm just trying to put on the weight I lost. After this, I'm headed up to Hilton Head and back on the road for the next four weeks.

This week is Masters week, and like any other golf fan, I'll be watching the coverage today through Sunday. Unfortunately my win at Reno last year was not enough to get me in the field. But I'll definitely be following as a fan. The Masters truly is one of the most special weeks of the year for the sport of golf.

My sleeper pick for the Masters is Nick Watney. He's a great buddy of mine who is at the Masters for the second time in his career, and he's playing the best golf of his life.




Postcards from Parker
Monday, March 2, 2009

Aloha from Houston,

Unfortunately, I've been a bit sick with a stomach bug this week. I got to Houston a day later than expected and finally got out to hit some balls and see the course yesterday.

Last week was the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in Orlando. For one thing, it was nice to see Tiger back and as I've told you all before, when he's playing it adds a unique excitement to the event.

I wasn't able to play well enough to make the weekend, but I'm really happy for Sean O'Hair, who finished second and led most of the weekend. As many of you know, O'Hair is another guy on the PGA Tour who works with my swing coach, Sean Foley. It's nice to see a fellow Foley student succeed, and it validates my belief in my coach and his strength as a teacher. O'Hair has been working with Foley a few months longer than I have and to see the light ahead is motivating.

I've been working hard on the swing adjustments and am looking forward to seeing them lock into place very soon. It's been a long process, but I'm really making great progress and it's evident each week by the shots I'm executing on the driving range. The last piece of the puzzle is having it all come together for 18 holes on the golf course, and I'm doing a good job of being patient through the process.

This week we're at the Shell Houston Open. I really enjoy the course here at Redstone Golf Club. It's really well-manicured and they have it set up to prepare the Tour players for the Masters in Augusta next weekend.

I'm excited to feel better and get the week started. I hope to report back to you all next week with good news. Thanks as always for the support!




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aloha from Scottsdale!

I just finished the West Coast Swing. As much as I love this part of the Tour, it's nice to be done. It was particularly crazy this year because of the media attention that came with playing basketball with President Barack Obama, as well as the tremendous amount of friends and family that came out to support me during these past six events.

Last week was my first time to play in Los Angeles at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club. It was a great event at one of the best venues in golf. I wasn't able to make the cut, but I made four more birdies in the last event of "Birdies for Juniors." That brought the total to 68 birdies, which means $6,800 for the Hawai'i State Junior Golf Association from Waikoloa Beach Resort and myself. Thanks to everyone who has followed the project and supported us. Hopefully next year's "Birdies for Juniors" can be even bigger and better.

Originally, I'd planned on playing this week's event in Mexico. But after playing four weeks in a row and looking ahead to the rest of the season, I decided it was better to take a few weeks off, and get rested and recharged.

For most of the next few weeks, I'll be home with my wife, Kristy, in Scottsdale. Since Dec. 18, I've only been home one weekend, so it will be nice to be here and sleep in my own bed. This weekend I'm going to Florida to see my swing coach Sean Folley to work out a few kinks and get my swing straightened out. The following weekend, Kristy and I will be going skiing in Sun Valley.

One new thing I'm doing this year on Tour is Twitter. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends, family and fans while I'm on the road. For those who haven't heard of it, Twitter is a Web site where you can sign up to "follow" me. You will receive periodic updates from me about my scores, Web site updates, and behind the scenes things that are going on. You can sign up at www.twitter.com/ParkerMcLachlin.

Since I'll be taking a few weeks off from the Tour, that means a few weeks off from Postcards. But I'm looking forward to catching up with you all again after the Transitions Championship in March!




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aloha from Los Angeles.

I'm wrapping up a three-week tour in California at the Northern Trust Open. I'm excited to play at Riviera Country Club. It's widely regarded by Tour players as one of the best courses on the PGA Tour.

This will be the last event in my "Birdies for Juniors" campaign. Through the first five events, I've racked up 65 birdies. With the help of Waikoloa Beach Resort, that translates into $6,500 for the Hawai'i State Junior Golf Association. I'd like to say a very big mahalo to everyone else who has signed up to donate to such a great cause as well. Hopefully, this is a great foundation for next year's "Birdies for Juniors" program, as well as our community efforts for years to come.

Last week, at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, it was a nice change to be paired with another pro and two amateurs. It's something that always makes Pebble Beach such a fun event. Plus, it's exciting to have golf as a medium to connect with CEOs, celebrities and other professional athletes.

As I mentioned last week, I was paired with Doug Mackenzie, a venture capitalist and one of the founders of Radar Partners. It was incredible to talk to him about his role in the development of things like Google and Netscape.

The other players in my pairing were Phil Mickelson and Charles Schwab. Charles is of one of the most down-to-earth individuals I've met, especially considering his success.

This was the first time I had been paired with Phil in tournament play, aside from a practice round at the U.S. Open in 2004. It is interesting playing with a guy like him. You just want to watch and learn. It's amazing what that guy can do with a golf ball.

Any time you're paired with a player like Phil, you want to try to take things they do well in their game and implement it into yours. So it's a delicate balance between watching and learning, and remembering to stick with your own game.

The past few weeks, I've been struggling with my swing and have been working to find it. On Friday and Saturday, I started to find it. I shot the low round of the day, a 68, on Saturday, which was a huge confidence booster for me. It's those tiny morale victories that help you get back on track.

If you're in front of the TV today at 12:30 p.m. (Hawai'i time), be sure to check out Jim Rome is Burning on ESPN. I'll be Rome's guest correspondent during the show, which should be pretty cool.




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aloha from Pebble Beach.

I'm here in California for another week of golf on the West Coast, my fifth event of the 2009 season.

Last week I played in the Buick Invitational, which ended up being a roller-coaster week for me. I started out on the South Course at Torrey Pines, which is known to be much more challenging than the North Course.

After shooting 2-over 74 on the first day, I was able to get my game back on course and shoot 71 and 72, which took me into the final day of the tournament tied for 36th.

On Sunday, though, I faced a lot of challenges and ended up shooting 79, finishing tied for 68th. I'm really looking forward to getting back on track this week and playing four solid rounds.

This week's tournament, the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, is one of the coolest events on tour and one of my favorites. Being that it is a pro-am, each tour pro gets to be paired with a really interesting amateur. These amateurs aren't just anybody. They're celebrities and business executives like singer Justin Timberlake, Chris Berman of ESPN, actor George Lopez and surfer Kelly Slater.

I can't wait to tee off today with my amateur partner, Doug Mackenzie. Doug is a founder and partner of Radar Partners, a principal investment firm. It should be fun to talk with him about finances and how the business works. Who knows, maybe he can give me tips on how to handle my earnings.

Today, I also get to tee off with a familiar name around the PGA Tour, Phil Mickelson and his amateur partner, Charles Schwab, Chairman and chief executive officer of the Charles Schwab Company.

So far, Waikoloa Beach Resort and I have donated $5,400 to the Hawai'i State Junior Golf Association through our "Birdies for Juniors" program for the 48 birdies and three eagles I've made this season. For each birdie I make during the first six West Coast events, Waikoloa and I will each donate $50.

There are two events left on the "West Coast swing," so hopefully we can really rack up the birdies!




Postcards from Parker
Thursday, February 5, 2009

Aloha from San Diego!

I just played in the FBR Open last week in Scottsdale, which is one of the most energetic tournaments on the Tour. There were about 200,000 fans in attendance! It is one of those rare events on the PGA Tour where the social aspect is more important than the actual tournament, from the fan perspective. In fact, they sold a shirt in the merchandise tent that said, "I showed up for the party and a golf tournament broke out!"

It also was great to be in Scottsdale and sleep in my own bed, cook my own food and have the home feeling that you don't have in a hotel. There were so many great people out at the course, but I was able to stay focused. I got in a different zone, blocked out the distractions, and was able to perform at my best. It felt like the more people that showed up, the more I was able to focus.

I had a solid week. After three tournaments this year, I'm feeling sharper with my game. I continue to learn from each passing week, and have been able to maximize on my rounds and not let the easy shots escape me.

The tournament was not only great for me, but my play really helped the "Birdies for Juniors" program. With each birdie I make, I donate $50 to the Hawai'i State Junior Golf Association, and Waikoloa Beach Resort matches that amount. Last week, I made 15 birdies and three eagles. Eagles count double, so my total through three tournaments is 42 birdies! That means Waikoloa Beach Resort and I have donated $4,200 so far!

Another unique aspect of the FBR Open was the 16th hole. It was fully enclosed with grandstands, with about 20,000 fans on that hole. It has been compared to the Roman Coliseum. It's quite a rush to stand on the tee and know that if you hit a great shot, you will be praised with cheers. But if you hit a bad shot, they will boo you all the way through. It can be intimidating, but I ended up making three pars and a birdie.

Aside from golf, my wife Kristy and I hosted a wine tasting event the Monday prior to the tournament in partnership with Destination Cellars. We invited about 15 Tour players and their wives, as well as several of our friends from Scottsdale. The wine was provided by an incredible vineyard in Napa, Calif., called Duck Horn Vineyard. It was a really exciting event, the first of several we'll be having this year. As I've gotten older, I have really started to enjoy and appreciate learning about wine and food pairings, as well as the art of wine-making. It has been fun to bring some of that to the Tour.

Now we're here in San Diego and I'm getting ready for this week's Buick Invitational. The South Course hosted the U.S. Open last year, so it will be interesting to see how the course plays. I'm looking forward to another good week and working hard to stay on top of my game.



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